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Photomanip: Gundam Unicorn Zaku I Sniper Type by Darkton93 Photomanip: Gundam Unicorn Zaku I Sniper Type :icondarkton93:Darkton93 5 0 Lineart Color: Gundam Deathscythe Ver. Ka (TV) by Darkton93 Lineart Color: Gundam Deathscythe Ver. Ka (TV) :icondarkton93:Darkton93 10 0 Belle of the Jungle by Darkton93 Belle of the Jungle :icondarkton93:Darkton93 6 0 Battletech-Style Bigfoot by Darkton93 Battletech-Style Bigfoot :icondarkton93:Darkton93 17 4
Operation: SISTERS - Part 4
Continuing Transmission
At long last, things had gone well for Abby, and she was ready to move things into position. At the mini-mart base she was stationed at, she held her former teammates, tied up to a large boombox and blindfolded. And who better to greet them than Chad himself?
“You pulled it off?” Chad asked.
“Sure did!” Abby replied. “Took a little effort, but things are going on schedule.”
“Good ta know! Now, I’m gonna assume you want me to take them to prison?”
“Nah, we’re gonna make ‘em dance for us! Put on a little show, how ‘bout?”
“You sure about that, Abigail? What if something catastrophic happens?”
“Trust me, Abby knows what she’s doin’!”
Chad smiled. “You really are the best candidate for this mission, aren’t you? Tell ya what, I’m gonna do my usual phone thing, so I won’t be back in a while. If something goes wrong, you handle
:icondarkton93:Darkton93 5 7
Photomanip: MG Guncannon Heavy Type D (SR) by Darkton93 Photomanip: MG Guncannon Heavy Type D (SR) :icondarkton93:Darkton93 7 0 Photomanip: MG Herbert Von Kaspen's Gelgoog by Darkton93 Photomanip: MG Herbert Von Kaspen's Gelgoog :icondarkton93:Darkton93 6 0 Lineart Color: Full Armor Alex (Titans Colors) by Darkton93 Lineart Color: Full Armor Alex (Titans Colors) :icondarkton93:Darkton93 6 0 Lineart Color: MG Gundam Epyon by Darkton93 Lineart Color: MG Gundam Epyon :icondarkton93:Darkton93 9 0 Assembly Line Theater: Despicable M3 by Darkton93 Assembly Line Theater: Despicable M3 :icondarkton93:Darkton93 10 5 Numbuh 450's Operative Card by Darkton93 Numbuh 450's Operative Card :icondarkton93:Darkton93 3 2 Numbuh 692's Operative Card by Darkton93 Numbuh 692's Operative Card :icondarkton93:Darkton93 2 0 Marge's Exile by Darkton93
Mature content
Marge's Exile :icondarkton93:Darkton93 7 0
More Powerpuff Prototypes! by Darkton93 More Powerpuff Prototypes! :icondarkton93:Darkton93 55 5 Lineart Color: MG Ground Combat Gundam Alt Colors by Darkton93 Lineart Color: MG Ground Combat Gundam Alt Colors :icondarkton93:Darkton93 12 0 Lineart Color: MG Concept Rick Dom (Matsunaga) by Darkton93 Lineart Color: MG Concept Rick Dom (Matsunaga) :icondarkton93:Darkton93 6 0


Art Commish 93 by MAD-54 Art Commish 93 :iconmad-54:MAD-54 42 3 Samurai Jack DreamWorks Comparision Chart by thearist2013 Samurai Jack DreamWorks Comparision Chart :iconthearist2013:thearist2013 13 2 ZAKU II by CSPTWN ZAKU II :iconcsptwn:CSPTWN 10 7 Akko by Krizeii Akko :iconkrizeii:Krizeii 106 8 genderbend.ver by weidao genderbend.ver :iconweidao:weidao 235 27 the Complete June Package 2017 by Silent-Sid the Complete June Package 2017 :iconsilent-sid:Silent-Sid 31 10 Vulture (Marvel Earth-61619) by LoganWaynee Vulture (Marvel Earth-61619) :iconloganwaynee:LoganWaynee 92 27 Comm: Heavy Melee by mattPLOG Comm: Heavy Melee :iconmattplog:mattPLOG 46 3 Ozaru Turles by alexiscabo1 Ozaru Turles :iconalexiscabo1:alexiscabo1 16 1 Piccolo with headphones by alexiscabo1 Piccolo with headphones :iconalexiscabo1:alexiscabo1 29 2 Yamcha Baseball Player by alexiscabo1 Yamcha Baseball Player :iconalexiscabo1:alexiscabo1 20 1 Bardock Xeno by alexiscabo1 Bardock Xeno :iconalexiscabo1:alexiscabo1 58 6 Pixel TIE by SteelJoe Pixel TIE :iconsteeljoe:SteelJoe 1,147 50 GODZILLA VS BIOLLANTE (1989) by AlmightyRayzilla GODZILLA VS BIOLLANTE (1989) :iconalmightyrayzilla:AlmightyRayzilla 195 15 Panoramic Mayhem colored by AlmightyRayzilla Panoramic Mayhem colored :iconalmightyrayzilla:AlmightyRayzilla 118 8 Burn it down blue (UPDATED INFO) by Chronicle-King Burn it down blue (UPDATED INFO) :iconchronicle-king:Chronicle-King 8 6


I'm going for a review on this entire series. From the looks of things, this serves as a series of classical nudes. I'll take a look at...

I always enjoy it when an artist offers critique. I'd do it myself, but it requires some kind of prerequisite which I don't have. With ...

You know, it's rare that I come across a stamp on dA that asks for critique. Most of them are expected to stand on their own. I'm going...


Micro Hero 1 Tone Shading
A single Micro Hero. The shading will only use one color. Perfect for cartoon characters!
Micro Hero 2-3 Tone Shading
A single Micro Hero. The shading will use two or three colors. Great for anime or action cartoon characters!
Micro Hero Multi-Tone Shading
A single Micro Hero. The shading will be done with multiple colors, each color blending into the next. A premium purchase for CG or Live Action characters!
Add On - Alternate Costume
For just 50 points extra, you'll receive an additional new costume!

NOTE: This only applies if the body stays the same. If the body is changed, it is counted as a Single Character.
If your idea doesn't sit well with me for ideological reasons, you will be required to pay an additional cost.

This does not include characters from shows I don't like. This is specifically for fetishes or other objectionable material.


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  • :icondahub:
    Donated Oct 13, 2016, 11:27:46 PM
Spider-Man: "Marvel will be making BILLIONS off of She-Hulk, Damage Control, Wonder Man and Werewolf By Night movies, and I'LL be getting bit by that freakin' SPIDER for the seventh time! A-and there's gotta be some 'What-If' Alternate History versions of the story, a-and we can't deprive the people of THAT! At this point, we won't run out of stories to tell until 2099, AT WHICH POINT, THEY CAN JUST MAKE A MOVIE OF SPIDER-MAN 2099!! DOESN'T THAT ALL SOUND GREAT?!"
Superman: "...well, the Alternate History version does sound kinda cool."
-I'm A Marvel And I'm A DC: Seven Years Later

Dear god, what have I gotten myself into? Constant run of One Year War material until I'm done, only taking breaks for Alternate Universes? Who knew this one era of fiction would end up being so popular!? And so many recolors, so many photomanipulations... I'm starting to hate Bandai more than I should.

So let's try and go over what we need to make this all complete. Every time we finish one, I'll take it off the list. And, of course, any new lineart I find will add to the checklist. Fan-made lineart will usually not be considered.

So let's TRY and get a roadmap on things. So far, we have left...

-Saberfish MSV Colors
-RX-76 Ball MG
-Sharkmouth Ball MG
-Ball Type K MG
-Ball Type K HG
-Ball Type K Igloo MG
-Ball Type K Igloo HG
-GM Cannon North Africa BEE-CRAFT
-GM Cannon North Africa Katoki
-Reed Wolf's GM Cannon BEE-CRAFT
-Reed Wolf's GM Cannon Katoki
-Hell's Gate Dom MG
-Ghoul Team Dom MG
-Ghoul Team Dom MG Concept
-Cold Climate Dom MG (Will need to do a photomanip for this one to get the different chest right)
-Cold Climate Dom MG Concept (Don't need to photomanip this one as badly)
-GM Command Light Armor MG (Modify an MG GM into the Light Armor model)
-GM Command Light Armor HG (The same, but with the HG GM)
-Light Armor GM MG and HG (Listing this as one entry because for this one, I'd need to shorten the skirt armor, add the mechanical details in the shoulders and thighs, and file off the shoulders. This may be too hard for me, hence my preference for the Command version.)
-Reed Wolf's GM Sniper II
-GM Striker Nemesis Team
-Doujinshi Pixie
-Doujinshi Pixie "We're Federation Hooligans" version
-Doujinshi Pixie "Missing Link" version
-Striker Custom Nemesis Team
-08th MS Team Dom You Taichi version
-Dom Funf You Taichi version
-Armored Alex HG
-Gundam NT-2 MG
-Gundam NT-2 HG
-Gundam NT-3 MG
-Gundam NT-3 HG
-Gundam Izubuichi Type HG (Complete with a write-up MSV-D93 as the "Prototype Alex"
-Gundam Izubuichi Type (Only possibly; that's me actually modifying Yutaki Izubuichi's art for the Alex instead of the Katoki versions)
-Mass Production Big Zam
-Dom Cannon Okawara (Optional, I'd be modifying a Prototype Dom)
-Efreet Unicorn (Modify the weapon-less Efreet Schneid. I won't be doing the Efreet Kai because I don't have the parts for it.)
-Doug Schneid's Efreet Unicorn (Recolor the blue Efreet into the Doug Schneid colors)
-Zaku I Kimitoshi Yamane (Modify the Topp Zaku to make it closer resemble the standard model)
-Zaku I A Kimitoshi Yamane
-Midnight Fenir Zaku I A Kimitoshi Yamane
-Black Tri-Stars Zaku I Kimitoshi Yamane
-Ramba Ral's Zaku I Kimitoshi Yamane (Only possible if I can find a good match for the shoulder shield)
-Eric Blanke's Zaku I Kimitoshi Yamane (Gonna give Shoulder Spikes to the Topp Zaku, they'll come from the Yamane Zaku II)
-Gelgoog G MG (Modify the MG Gelgoog lineart)
-Gelgoog G HG (The same, but with the HG)
-Zaku I Unicorn (Maybe possible, I'd do it by modifying the Zaku Sniper Type. If I do this one, you can consider the Yamane Zaku I's to be done with this instead.)
-Johnny Ridden's F-Type Zaku MG
-Johnny Ridden's F-Type Zaku HG
-Eric Mansfeld's Zaku FS MG
-Norris Packard's J-Type Zaku MG
-Norris Packard's J-Type Zaku HG
-Zaku Half-Cannon (Only the Katoki version, since I need to use the Katoki shield, cannon and sidegun)
-Doujinshi Pink Panther Zaku Desert Type
-Desert Zaku ZZ Colors Unicorn (But only if this is really One Year War. If not, I'll save it for ZZ)
-Zaku II RP MG
-Gabby Hazard's Zaku II MG
-Gabby Hazard's Zaku II HG
-Gabby Hazard's R2 Zaku II
-Robert Gilliam's Zaku II MG
-Robert Gilliam's Zaku II HG
-Gabby Hazard's High Mobility Gelgoog MG
-Recon Zaku Thunderbolt (Only considered, I personally consider Thunderbolt to be an alternate UC like Origin)
-Zaku Flipper Thunderbolt (Same as above)
-Z'Gok Origin (If there are no color pages, I'll extrapolate based on the changes to Char's)
-Acguy Origin
-Gogg Origin
-Guncannon Unit 108 Origin
-Salya's GM Origin
-Long-Range GM Origin (Was thinking of giving it the colors of the GM Cannon to tie the series' together)
-Mobile Worker Origin
-Mobile Worker Early Type Origin Anime
-Mobile Worker Late Type Mash Origin Anime
-Mobile Worker Late Type Ramba Ral Origin Anime
-Mobile Worker Final Type Origin
-Action Zaku 3rd Color
-Uma Lightning's R1A Zaku MG
-Uma Lightning's R1A Zaku HG
-Masaya Nakagawa's R1A Zaku (Might have to fudge the horn a bit)
-Eric Mansfeld's R1A Zaku (Likewise gonna have to come up with a cool trick or I'll scrap it)
-Masaya Nakagawa's Gelgoog
-Real Type Gouf MG
-Real Type Gouf Kanetake Ebikawa
-Gouf Compound Examination Type Kanetake Ebikawa (Don't have a second gatling hand for MG, but can use the two shields)
-Real Type Dom MG
-Real Type Dom MG Concept
-Gouf Custom "Plan to Assassinate Gihren" version
-M'Quve's Gyan MG
-M'Quve's Gyan Build Fighters
-Gyan Cannon (Considering what I can do with the Vulcan)
-Thomas Kruz's Gelgoog Cannon MG (No, I will not skimp out on the shoulder pattern this time)
-Thomas Kruz's Gelgoog Cannon HG
-Thomas Kruz's Gouf MG
-Thomas Kruz's Gouf Kanetake Ebikawa
-Juagg MSV version (Colors from the MSV HGUC)
-Dolmel Katana version (Again, might save this for 0083)
-GM Guard Custom "Bonds of the Battlefield" version (Only considered, might not do it)
-Guncannon First Type (An MSV-D93 where I put a gatling gun I found on a concept version of the Ground Gundam on a Guncannon A and give it Origin colors. I can't do it to the MG because I'd need a Katoki one to do it right.)
-Guncannon Heavy Weapons Type (May be too much due to all the drawing I'd need to do)
-Prototype Gundam HG (A maybe, but certainly possible with some redrawing)
-Prototype Gundam MG (I'd probably give this one its new MSV-R face)
-Rollout Gundam (Not sure what I'm gonna do with this, but I'm contemplating making it an MSV-D93 about an Augusta Model of Gundam from the same factory as the GM Type-E and using the Katoki Art with a few edits)
-Prototype Core Fighter MG (Simple edit)
-Core Booster Plan F4 (All depends on if the Katoki Core Fighter I found works. If it does, I'll use it, then shorten the booster. MSV-R art fudges a lot of the details.)
-Full Armor Gundam Inner Robot MG (The colors of the MG)
-Full Armor Gundam Inner Robot HG (...and the Robot Damashii)
-Perfect Gundam Build Fighters
-Mudrock Gundam (I found some lineart I can maybe use; it's where I got the Katoki GM Cannon)
-Ze'Gok (All three versions)
-Gwazine MS Igloo
-Komusai MS Igloo
-Papua MS Igloo
-Salamis MSV-R version MS Igloo
-Magellan Alt Color MS Igloo
-Herman Yandell's Type 61
-Core Booster II Interceptor Type
-Ground Assault Guntank (Maybe both versions, depends on how I handle the Shining Gundam's Super Mode)
-Type 74 Hover Truck MS Igloo (In 08th MS Team colors)
-Heavy Fork
-Magella Eins
-Magella Attack 08th MS Team (In the colors from First Gundam like the Dopp)
-Zeon APC MS Igloo (08th MS Team colors)
-Toriares 08th MS Team Concept (From the same place I found the Fly Manta)
-Gunperry 08th MS Team (MSG colors)
-Medea 08th MS Team (Gonna modify to look more like the 0079 Medea)
-White Base Origin
-Fat Uncle Unicorn (MSG colors)
-Magellan Origin Anime
-Musai Origin Anime
-Chibe Origin Anime
-Elmeth Gundam Exceed Music Video (Only considered, might file it under AUs like Build Fighters)
-Elmeth Diablo (That's a version of the Elmeth closer to the original version)
-Zaku II R2 Standard Colors
-Garma's Gelgoog MG (Adding the vulcans)
-Garma's Gelgoog HG (Ditto)
-Black Tri-Stars High Mobility Gelgoog MG
-Black Tri-Stars High Mobility Gelgoog HG (Gonna put the booster on the Char's Zaku template)
-Herbert Von Capsen's Gelgoog HG (Likewise)
-Ramba Ral's Z'Gok MG (Adding the arm of a Zeong, with some modifications)
-Ramba Ral's Z'Gok HG (Here, too)
-Great Zeong G Generation Colors (Just a maybe)
-Robert Gilliam's Gyan MG
-Robert Gilliam's Gyan Build Fighters
-Shin Matsunaga's Gyan Krieger (Only possibly, it'd go along with his Jager if I did)
-Zeon's Gundam MG
-Zeon's Gundam HG
-Captured Rick Dom MG
-Captured Zeong MG
-Captured Ground Gundam MG
-Captured Guntank
-Casval's Gundam MG
-Casval's Gundam HG

As you can see, that's kind of a lot! Every time I complete one, I'll take it off the list, and hopefully as we get going it'll grow small enough to be manageable. Once we're done with all these, we can move on to 0083, which'll be much easier!

See you... whenever, this may take a while.

"Mr Bones says... THE RIDE NEVER ENDS!!"
-Warning at the end of the endless nightmare that is Mr. Bones' Wild Ride, Roller Coaster Tycoon


So it's been about a couple months since I got back home from school. Current thoughts?

I want to get off Mr. Bones' Wild Ride.
I want to get off Mr. Bones' Wild Ride.
I want to get off Mr. Bones' Wild Ride.
I want to get OFF Mr. Bones' Wild Ride.
I WANT to GET OFF Mr. Bone's Wild Ride.
Photomanip: Gundam Unicorn Zaku I Sniper Type
Considering working with the lineart gave me an idea of how it works, I think I might in fact be able to do that Unicorn-style Zaku I.


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