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I'm going for a review on this entire series. From the looks of things, this serves as a series of classical nudes. I'll take a look at...

Exam by Jerimin19

I always enjoy it when an artist offers critique. I'd do it myself, but it requires some kind of prerequisite which I don't have. With ...

You know, it's rare that I come across a stamp on dA that asks for critique. Most of them are expected to stand on their own. I'm going...


I'm going for a review on this entire series. From the looks of things, this serves as a series of classical nudes. I'll take a look at all of them.

I like the strategic covering of the bodies. I've found that careful hiding of the private parts can actually be quite erotic. It also encourages the use of unconventional poses. Therefore, I give the vision a 4/5, with one point lost for some using artificial covering.

Sadly, I can't rate this score high, but I offer a concession: seeing as how this is fan art, it shouldn't really rate on an originality chart, with the exception of the content inside. I myself think the artist should keep going, but for formality's sake, I'm giving originality a 1/5 for being fanart in a common scenario. That's not to say it's bad or the artist should stop, because what is done is done well.

These things are an absolute joy to look at. The colors are very vibrant, and the anatomy makes the girls appear alluring, yet tasteful. The poses are nice and varied, too, some playing up their sexiness and some hiding it. There's a great variety in these photos. So I'm going to give this a 5/5.

Classical nudes are a lost art. The human body is a wonderful thing, but a thing that, in the modern era, is commonly associated with pornography. I applaud these pictures for not going completely explicit. Though, my bias is to conceal the private parts rather than display them. So, I give this a 5/5 for lasting impact.

The art is well done, and the execution very well performed. If it weren't for the potential people would get the wrong idea about me, I'd favorite these pieces immediately. Sadly, due to some of them being censored, and because they are mature art, I will make due with saving them to my hard drive. The series gets a 5/5.
Assembly Line Theater: Tangled by Darkton93
Assembly Line Theater: Tangled
This is the story of how animation died. And it began with the words, "This is the story of how I died." More specifically, it began with words in a visual medium to illustrate the setting, because when I think of a cool, creative way to convey a setting and characters, I don't think of a majestic sunrise accompanied by a tribal song about the Circle of Life, where animals gather to bow to their new king; I don't think of a trial against an alien scientist for creating one of the main characters, said character's escape, then a Hawaiian song accompanying the daily life of our other main character; no, I think of "Blah, blah, blah, this is important, blah, blah, blah, here's what happened, words words words words words!"

Tangled is often said to be the first modern Disney movie. It was one of the first movies to gain prominence in the John Lasseter era of Disney. And it certainly is modern, because in this case, "modern" means "Assembly Line."

The movie was originally designed to be in CGI with a watercolor motif, making it look like a living painting. That, of course, wasn't put in the final product; the final product is the same ol' flat textures and generic realistic backgrounds so popular in animation. Allegedly, the reasons for why the watercolor motif was dropped was because of "technical and budgetary problems," aka THE SAME DAMN PROBLEMS YOU OVERCAME WITH SNOW WHITE, YOU LAZY ASSHOLES!!

Trying to describe the film is pointless. It's all the same old shit we've seen countless times. The worst part is the window dressing. Our protagonist, Flynn, channels mock-coolness with his every word, even when he's dropped the act. He also feels the need to exposit about everything that's happening right in front of our eyes, as evidenced by the opening and ending narrations. Hell, an actual line he says during the narration is "Pay attention to her. She'll be important later." Well, thanks for not letting us grab Chekhov's Gun off the wall ourselves, why don't you just DO IT FOR US! The narration seems like an afterthought; seriously, the visuals tell the story all by themselves, but he still feels the need to put his words words words all over the place!

Some people have pointed out that Mother Gothel, the film's villain, is a chilling case of domestic abuse. I would argue from a storytelling perspective, it seems laughable that Rapunzel hasn't figured out that she's the bad guy! She acts like a complete and utter jackass to Rapunzel, it just comes across as spelling it out for the audience, which, as I've stated before, is something this film EXCELS at.

The whole thing is capped off with Dreamworks style comedy that feels out of place in a Disney movie. One moment, the heroes are in a bar full of ruthless criminals ready to gut them. How do they get out? They start up a musical number! AND IT WORKS! Dear lord, I used to praise this film; I apologize for leading you all astray.

Many people would say that this is the film that heralded the grand return to form by Disney. I would say the exact opposite: This was the film that lead to Disney's final damnation.

And the worst part about this was the success of the movie. This film convinced Disney that 2D wasn't worth it, and shut down their 2D studio. No longer would we see characters like Tiana, the frogs, or the alligator. All love-interest girls will be blonde and triangle-faced. All affection-seeking nerds will have spiky hair and wear glasses. And all these stereotypes will continue because we, the audience let it.

The Walt Disney Company, especially under Walt himself, was all about innovation. They created the most iconic characters known to man. They gave us sound in cartoons, color in cartoons, and invented the Multi-Plane Camera for a truly cinematic cartoon. They popularized the animated film, and proved animation could be more than just gag stories. And here we are in the 2010s, and all Disney is doing is going with the trends. The Dreamworks-style presentation, generic character designs, and copy-pasted story is far from the mark of an innovator, rather the mark of an imitator.

As long as the Assembly Line exists, animation will suffer until it dies, and no further of its decay do you need to look than the transformation of Disney from the leading innovator to a pawn of the Assembly Line.
In case any of you don't already know, I am an animation fan. It should show; I'm taking courses on animation in college, and one day hope to get into the field myself, one day writing feature films and television series.

It's just that I have a severe obstacle in my way, one which I can't help.

Modern animation isn't made in a studio. Modern animation is made in a factory. And the crowning achievement of this factory is its Assembly Line. This assembly line is outsourced to by all the animation studios, from Disney to Dreamworks. And because an assembly line is meant to homogenize production, it means that all modern animation looks the exact same. The characters are the same, the bullet points are the same; there literally is nothing new under the sun.

And quite frankly I'm sick of it. So I'm going to start making my point.

That is why, starting today, I'm creating a new series on my blog, updated irregularly, called "Assembly Line Theater." Here, I will be going through an inspection checklist on animated movies, pointing out their cliches and stereotypes.

However, if there's one thing I live by, it's that I have to actually contribute something to the world. If I hate it, and everyone else hates it, then I'm not adding anything new, am I? And since I'm better at analysis than criticism, since most criticism I make is just "I hate it, it's stupid, it sucks," ad nauseum, I will be looking at critically-acclaimed animated works. Think of it as the difference between me being part of a large protest, being drowned out by other protesters who are louder than me; I'm more doing a heckling of a fascist dictator during a rally where everyone's cheering. Will I suffer? Doubtlessly. But I'll get my word out.

A good rule of thumb is: If the movie has a negative score on Rotten Tomatoes, I'm not covering it. If it's on the TV Tropes So Bad It's Horrible page, I'm not going anywhere near it. If one of the tropes listed for it is "Cliche Storm", I'm not touching it with a 39-and-a-half-foot pole. If it got nominated for Best Animated Feature, and especially if it won, then it has my full, undivided attention, and I will attend its rally from the sidelines, and if I don't like what it's saying, I'll assassinate it.

I hope you find the experience eye-opening.
[Open on parody of Disney Logo styled like Courascant to 20th Century Fox fanfare, the Disney text being changed to Warner Bros.]
[Fade to black, then to Dark Studios logo styled like Lucasfilm’s logo, still playing the 20th Century Fox fanfare.]
[Fade to black, then to blue text in the style of the “Long time ago” message, except reading “Right here, right now.]
[Pull out to Star Wars logo, later revealed to be a similar logo reading “STAR WARS The Abridged Screenplay”.]
In 1977, a no talent hack [Purple Lightning Bolt From The Heavens strikes text, changing it to “less-skilled director”] gathered a bunch of friends and created the most unlikely success of all: STAR WARS. Since then, May 4th has been revered as a day of celebration for nerds everywhere.
As such, many PARODIES of varying quality appeared, most notably the FAMILY GUY specials. As such, DARK STUDIOS stepped its hands into the ring, creating a parody of their own.
This time, however, the Saga does not start from the beginning. Instead, it starts from the VERY beginning, where this director began to realize the importance of friendship far too late.
As for what you missed, don’t worry, it’s not much. JAPANESE FROG MEN with ROBOTS want to blockade trade to DINOTOPIA because they’re evil. The JEDI are on their way to stop them with negotiation. There, we just saved you 4 paragraphs.
[Pan down to Naboo. The Republic Corvette, in cel-shaded CGI darts into view with a pan shot.]
[Establishing shot of Trade Federation cruiser, also CGI. The Corvette enters.]
[3/4s right view of the Republic Corvette entering the hanger, which is also CGI.]
[Wide shot, the Jedi enter the hall. TC-14 is there to greet them.]
TC-14: Hello! I am automated service droid Team Communicator Number 14!
[They walk into the meeting room without saying anything.]
[Shot of the meeting room door, zoom out.]
TC-14: But you can call me TC-14! Make yourselves at home, Jedi Knights! I’ll send the diplomats in! Have a good day!
[She walks out of the room. The Jedi unfurl their hoods.]
QUI-GON: Well, so much for the disguise.
OBI-WAN: I have a bad feeling about this.
QUI-GON: You have a bad feeling about everything. I don’t know why you think something’s wrong this time.
OBI-WAN: I dunno. I just do.
QUI-GON: Well, relax. We’ll handle the negotiations, and we’ll stop this blockade. You’re thinking way too badly of the future.
OBI-WAN: But Master Yoda said I should keep it in mind.
QUI-GON: He also says that the future is always in motion, so don’t let it get to you. You know predictions of the future always say the worst thing is gonna happen.
OBI-WAN: Yes, and they’re never wrong.
QUI-GON: Come on! Do you really think they’re all gonna be bad and all gonna be right?
[Cut to bridge, Nemodians are talking with Darth Sidious.]
NUTE GUNRAY: [voiced by George Takei] Well, it turns out there are a couple Jedi on board to do the negotiations. Aren’t Jedi your area of expertise?
[Profile Headshot of Sidious.]
DARTH SIDIOUS: Obviously if they’re Jedi, then they’re not here for negotiations. They’re here to kill. Get to them first.
[Profile 3/4ths shot of Nute and his partner.]
NUTE GUNRAY: You want us to kill the ambassador of a large power who we have a huge stock in? Isn’t that illegal?
[Same shot of Sidious.]
DARTH SIDIOUS: I will MAKE it legal!
[Same shot of Gunray.]
NUTE GUNRAY: How do you make murder of an important part of the senate legal?
[More forward shot of Sidious with Gunray partially in view.]
DARTH SIDIOUS: Give me a few years and you’ll understand. Now do it!
[The hologram fades from view.]
[Cut to the hanger, cannons deploy and destroy the Jedi’s ship.]
[Cut to meeting room, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan ignite their lightsabers.]
OBI-WAN: Well, look who’s wrong!
QUI-GON: First time for everything.
OBI-WAN: [exasperated] This is the THIRTY-FIRST time they’ve come true!
[Poison gas starts filling the room. Cut to outside the door. A group of Battle Droids walk near it. Gunray shows up on hologram.]
NUTE GUNRAY: Normally we’d just leave them in that room filled with poison gas to die in agony… but that seems a little harsh, you guys kill them instead.
BATTLE DROID COMMANDER: [All Battle Droids are voiced and acted similar to Tachikomas.] Okie dokie! Preparing search and destroy program!
BATTLE DROID 1: I can’t wait to get my first kill!
[The door opens, filled with poison gas. The lightsabers become visible.]
BATTLE DROID COMMANDER: Alright, like we tested; aim for the shiny object! Ready, go!
[The Battle Droids fire at will on the lightsabers… and get their shots reflected right back at them, destroying them. The Jedi approach another group of Battle Droids.]
BATTLE DROID 2: Evaluation suggests we need a new strategy!
BATTLE DROID 3: And what would that be?
BATTLE DROID 2: Shoot the part that DOESN’T glow!
BATTLE DROID 3: Roger, roger! Locking onto target… aiming… and…
[Before he gets to say “fire”, he is sliced in half. The Jedi slice their way through droids until they reach the door. Qui-Gon tries to cut through it.]
[Cut to the other side, where the Nemodians are scared.]
RUNE HAAKO: Oh my! It appears their long glowing rod is trying to penetrate our defenses!
NUTE GUNRAY: Send Droidekas, and activate the Mesh Shield!
[A protective covering goes over the door, but with enough effort, Qui-Gon still carves through.]
RUNE HAAKO: They’re still coming!
NUTE GUNRAY: Impossibru! We used protection!
[Cut to the halls outside the door. Droidekas roll in.]
[Side shot as they unfurl and start blasting.]
[Shot from behind the droids. The Jedi deflect their shots.]
[Close up on the Jedi.]
OBI WAN: Okay, master, now what?!
QUI GON: Remember your training. What do we always do when we need to get somewhere fast?
OBI WAN: Walk really fast?
QUI GON: No, Flash Speed!
OBI WAN: Oh, right. I’ll try to remember next time.
[Back to the shot behind the droids. A Road Runner tongue twirl and “Beep Beep” noise is heard. The sound when he runs is used for when the Jedi disappear in a blur, headed for the hallway.]
[Cut to the inside of the door. Nute is with a nameless Control Guy with a weird robot face.]
NUTE GUNRAY: What? Where’d they go?
CONTROL GUY: [sounds like female George Takei] I don’t know!
NUTE GUNRAY: What do you mean “you don’t know?!” You can see everything on the ship!
CONTROL GUY: It’s just…
[Cut to monitor. There are several green dots alongside red ones.]
CONTROL GUY: I don’t know which green dot is them!
[Cut to Nute Gunray and the Control Guy.]
NUTE GUNRAY: Look for the ones in twos and send droids to that spot!
CONTROL GUY: Alright. Droids, do what he said.
DROID: [offscreen] Roger, roger! I think we’re close!
[Cut to the monitor. A lot of red dots move to a pair of green dots.]
DROID: [offscreen] Found them!
[Laser fire is heard.]
[Cut to Nute and the Guy. They hear a Wilhelm Scream.]
DROID: [offscreen] Oh, wait, no, it’s a pair of accountants. Um… I’m really sorry, mister.
[Nute facepalms.]
[Cut to a hanger filled with droids and landing ships. Qui Gon and Obi Wan hind behind a crate.]
QUI GON: We were lucky to get out of that one.
OBI WAN: How did we get out of that one, anyway?
QUI GON: [pauses] How did we, Padawan?
OBI WAN: That was my question!
QUI GON: I don’t know. Do you?
OBI WAN: I was asking you because I didn’t!
OBI WAN: It was the damn Will of the Force, wasn’t it?
QUI GON: Probably.
[Cut to Qui Gon and Obi Wan’s faces.]
QUI GON: Anyway, we have to warn the Naboo there’s gonna be an invasion.
OBI WAN: How do you know there’s gonna be an invasion?
QUI GON: Because they tried to kill us. They’re not thinking logically.
OBI WAN: Well, there are quite a few things they can do instead. Wipe out the Jedi, move for political power; maybe they just see us as irritating and the Chancellor should’ve hired someone else.
QUI GON: Well, you see, the Force makes me psychic. I read their minds.
OBI WAN: Didn’t you just say everything was going to be fine when we got here?
QUI GON: That was before I got outside the door to the room they were in.
OBI WAN: …okay, I guess you kinda have a-
QUI GON: And started cutting the door.
OBI WAN: Now you’re just rubbing it in!
[Back to behind them.]
OBI WAN: [sighs] So, there’s an invasion. What do we do now?
QUI GON: Stow aboard their landing ships.
OBI WAN: I was thinking use the Comlink to contact the Chancellor, but that… kinda… sorta works? Like, not that much? At all?
QUI GON: We should stow aboard separate ships. It’ll be harder to spot us that way.
OBI WAN: And on the other hand, it’ll make it harder for us to spot each other!
QUI GON: [does Jedi Mind Trick] Well, I think it sounds like a good idea.
OBI WAN: I think it sounds like a good idea.
QUI GON: Let’s do this!
OBI WAN: Let’s do this.
[Interior ship. Qui Gon slashes some droids, then hides.]
[Obi Wan enters another ship through the ceiling. He then realizes…]
OBI WAN: Damnit, not again!
[TO BE CONTINUED written in the text of the credits.]
Sword Art Online Patch Notes by Darkton93
Sword Art Online Patch Notes
I posted a gaming journalism parody article on Reddit that was basically using Sword Art Online as the basis for a journalism on gaming. As such, I created a series of patch notes to accompany it.

I am not a fan of Sword Art Online. I see it as being gaming as done by someone who's never played an MMO in his life. As such, I deconstructed the concept by portraying it as a real MMO.

I my eyes, Sword Art Online is the MMO that had the best of intentions, but couldn't forsee the launch. The speech by Kabaya was a means to disguise that there was no way to patch the game without taking the servers offline and killing everyone. As such, SAO is the nicer of the MMOs on the show.


Leonard Lawrence McCoy
United States
Current Residence: Washington
Favourite genre of music: Soundtrack
Favourite style of art: Anime
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Windows Media Player
Wallpaper of choice: 3050 Upgrade cover
Favourite cartoon character: Vegeta
Personal Quote: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and if you disagree you are not a true fan.
Because someone inconsiderate ruined it for everyone, mature art will no longer be posted on the No Z's Allowed club. Er, deviantART or whatever that logo means. There's two different websites I post this stuff to, and it never shows anything too inappropriate, go look for my name on places you'd expect guys burned by dA to run to.

Then again, maybe it's my own damn fault for outright calling a picture of 13 year olds porn... :P

Anyway, I'm gonna try and do some more posting of content. I hope to make this year stuffed with a lot more fics, micros, and other projects. I'm even gonna do some reviews.

Also, because my DVD player is malfunctioning, I may not be able to do in-depth reviews of movies like my Everything Wrong and a Few Things Right series. Thankfully, if it streams, I can take the piss out of it.

So, here's to the year of not making the same mistakes twice.

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