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Now Loading: Kids Next Door Mission
Operation: DOLL


Writing Operatives: Lieutenant Darkton
Original Mission Director: Mr. Warburton

Adults referred to the place as Toys Be We. Children knew it better as heaven. Boy toys, girl toys, old toys, new toys, even toys you can build yourself! Not to mention clearance isles which parents could bug their children to utilize instead, almost always unsuccessfully.

Naturally, Numbah 3 and Numbah 4 were there, looking for something to buy, each one having ideas very different from one another. Numbah 1 was there as well, but then he was mostly along for the ride. Numbah 3 scanned the girl dolls section. "Pink dress dolly! Ooh! Blue dress dolly! Ah! Yellow dress dolly! *gasp* Green dress dolly!"

Numbah 4 stormed along the halls. "Okay, you've had yer fun. Let's go check out the Mech Changers line!"

"Aww…but I was gonna check out the puppy dolls…"

"Eh, we'll check it out after we're done. Numbah 1, you look at the stuff and see if there's anything Numbah 3'd like."

Numbah 1 tried to protest. "But-but I don't know anything about-"

But it was no use. "Great! Thanks! Catch ya later!"

Numbah 1 growled. "If you ask me, this is all a big waste of time."


Numbah 4 stared in awe of the many vehicles and animals, knowing that every single one of them turned into a powerful robot. "There's Slipguard! Ooh! Big Crusher! Ooh! Breaker!! Eh?"

Numbah 4 looked at the packaging of the toy once again. He saw writing next to Breaker's name. "Destructicon Breaker? What, did they think that we'd be too dumb to know that he was a Destructicon even though he turned into a big freakin' tank?! Numbah 3, doesn't this look like a Destructicon?"

Numbah 3 barely even looked at it. Her thoughts turned towards her crushed hopes and dreams. "I guess…"

Numbah 4 didn't care. "Meh. Adults. Always think that we're stupid. Then again, it's not like this toy company has ever…" his eyes locked onto something. "…gotten it right?"

Staring right in front of him was a colossal box, inside it being a figure unlike any other.
"No way; This is the Ultimate Prime Superion Figure!" He held the box firmly in his hands and turned it around. "Light up eyes and sound! Looks just like the show! Supreme posability! Firing missiles! This thing is just awesome!! How much am I in fer?" Numbah 4 looked at the tag, only to find the price of victory was steep. "$50?! Holy crud!! This thing's gonna eat up all of my money!"

Numbah 3 looked at the Little Rovers isle, dejected, as Numbah 4 continued to talk about how expensive the figure was. Just then, she heard a voice she didn't recognize. "Come one, come all! Feast your eyes on the newest delight from the world of Rainbow Monkeys!"

She turned around and found a salesman who looked rather chubby with a pair of sunglasses and an odd-looking hat pitching a very colorful Rainbow Monkey with a pinstripe suit. Numbah 3 immediately gasped and cut through the line of potential customers. "I WANT ONE!"

"Of course you do!" the salesman continued. "This Cheery Chatterbox Rainbow Monkey isn't like the other Rainbow Monkeys you've had before! What makes this marvel of engineering so outstanding is the intensive work with microchips we've put into it, thus allowing it to put out an even greater number of frilly fun phrases!"

Numbah 3 looked at him, confused. "What?"

"It talks! And says random things!"

"Wow! None of the dolls I had before ever talked to me!"

"Don't take my word for it! See, or hear, for yourself!" The salesman pulled the string on the monkey's foot.

"My name is Cheery Chatterbox Rainbow Monkey, and I love you very much," the strange doll said.

Numbah 3 let out a loud gasp. "GIMME, GIMME, GIMME!"

"It can be yours, for the low, low price of $20!" the salesman said.

Numbah 3 let out a different kind of gasp. This time, it was downtrodden. "But…but…I don't have $20! I can't buy it!"

"Oh, very sorry. I feel for your loss. Move along."

"I'm…I'm gonna get my friend! He's gonna make you give it to me! WAAAA-LLYYYYY!!"

Meanwhile, Numbah 4 was still overlooking the toy, now holding a flower with plucked petals, pulling them out one at a time. "I buy it…I buy it not…I buy it…I buy it not…" The last petal came out. "…I buy it!"

"WALLY, WALLY, WALLY, WALLY, WALLY!!" Numbah 3 screamed, grabbing hold of Numbah 4's arm.

"Hey, what the…whoa!"

"You gotta help me, you gotta help me, you gotta help me, you gotta help me!" She pulled Numbah 4 to the sales vendor. "Toy! Need money! You help?"

Numbah 4 looked at the toy. "Bleh! No thanks! I don't wanna be near any of those cruddy Rainbow Monkeys!"

Numbah 3 looked at Numbah 4 with a saddened look.

"No way."

Numbah 3 added to the look.

"No! Way!"

Numbah 3 changed her look, this time giving off a stare that could pierce the hearts of even the most boyish of boys.

Numbah 4 gulped. "Uh…how much am I payin'?"


Prime Superion grappled with his opponent, the leader of the Destructicons who transformed into a futuristic tank. "Give it up, Carnage!" Prime Superion said. "The Protectrons found that Minibot first, and you know what they say, 'finders keepers!'"

"Finish the quote, Prime Superion," Carnage said, "losers WEEPERS!" He then proceeded to hoist Prime Superion into the air and toss him on the other side of the mountain. Once he was on the other side, he fired his gigantic cannon at the ground, causing it to crumble and Prime Superion to fall. "I'm off to claim my prize! See you next fall! HAHAHAHAHA!!"

A beam of light fired from a planet below while a phat beat played. The screen transitioned to Prime Superion turning into jet mode and firing missiles at an army of Destructicons, who also transformed and fought back. With another transition, the beam hit a spaceship above. "Mech Changers will return in a moment, only Toonami," spoke a cool robotic voice.

Numbah 4 and Numbah 1 were watching the TV together. "Numbah 2 oughtta get here fast," Numbah 4 said, "he's missin' out."

"I told you ten times, already;" Numbah 1 said, "Numbah 2 left with Numbah 5 on a mission. They said they'd be gone for a while."

"Well that while had better get here soon. With money. I remember th' last time I tried ta steal somethin' from the toy shop. Got me in trouble with Global Command. Had that thing for all o' five milliseconds."

"Look, think of it this way, Numbah 4," Numbah 1 said, "you made Numbah 3 happy by buying that toy with her. She really appreciates it."

"Yeah, well it means nothin'! I only did it so that she'd stop givin' me that look! If it were up ta me, I'd just-"

"TV time?" Numbah 3 said, walking into the room with her Cheery Chatterbox Rainbow Monkey. "I wanna watch something!"

"Wait yer turn, Numbah 3; we're watchin' Mech Changers."

"Mech Changers? Yech! So violin! I know a much better show than that!" Numbah 3 grabbed the remote.

"Cover yer eyes and ears, everybody! Numbah 3's gonna watch-"

She immediately hit the channel onto a news station with a dull reporter and text that stated Bores News 24/7. "Today on Bores News," the reporter says, "we look at any possible stock market failures and what it means for your jobs and your likeliness to work in a cubicle for eight hours straight."

"…huh?" Numbah 4 said. "This isn't Rainbow Monkeys. In fact…it's even worse! Numbah 3, why'd you change the channel to this crud?"

"Haha! Silly Wally!" Numbah 3 said. "It always pays to keep informed. Cheery Chatterbox Rainbow Monkey told me that."

"That stupid doll can't say that! It's impossible."

Numbah 3 pulled the string. "The More you know, the more places you go!" said the doll.

Numbah 4 looked puzzled. "Did that doll just…it said…and Numbah 3 was like…oh, never mind!" Numbah 4 slumped over.

"Uh, Numbah 3, we're trying to watch our show; why don't you go play with your dolls in your room?"

"Well…" Numbah 3 said, "…okay!" She then skipped to her room, doll in hand.

"QUICK! CHANGE THE CHANNEL!" Numbah 4 said. With a push of a few buttons on the remote, he was back to watching robots vs. robots.

"We must never speak of this again," Numbah 1 said.

"Agreed." Numbah 4 said.

Suddenly, the alarm started blaring. "Incoming message from Numbah 362."

"I'll get Numbah 3," Numbah 4 said, rushing off to her room.


Numbah 3 was in the middle of a tea party with her stuffed animals, including, of course, Cheery Chatterbox Rainbow Monkey.

"I'm so happy you all could come to this party!" Numbah 3 said. She imitated Cheery Chatterbox Rainbow Monkey's voice. "More crumpets, please." She then spoke in her own voice "Oh, I'm sorry, I don't have that." Back to the Monkey's voice. "Well, how about some cookies?" And to her voice. "Yeah, we do! One moment please!" She grabbed the Monkey and left the room.

However, she was soon greeted by Numbah 4. "Hey, Numbah 3?" he said. "There's a mission goin' on. Let's go!"

"Uhh…I'm in the middle of my tea party. It's very busy."

"Oh, come on! This is a mission! You can't just walk out on it!"

"Maybe we should ask Cheery Chatterbox Rainbow Monkey what she thinks."

Numbah 4 put his palm to his head. "Oh, great. Again with the stupid monkey."

Numbah 3 pulled the string. "Fighting never solved anything talking couldn't solve!"

Numbah 4 stared in shock.

"Sorry, I'm not going. Have fun! Buh-bye!" Numbah 3 said, heading back into her room and shutting the door.

Numbah 4 growled, then reached for the door. However, when he tried to open it, he found out that it wouldn't budge. She had locked it! "Fine! Go play with your stupid dolls! See if I care!"


A man in a yellow outfit with a lightbulb on his head laughed as he made children run. "Kids Next Door, your video gaming, TV watching, power wasting days are over! Now you face…BRIGHT IDEA!" He fired electricity at a TV monitor, causing it to overload and shut down. He proceeded to do the same thing to a video game console, causing that to fry. "Once I reach the central power core of the base, there'll be nothing you can do to stop me!"

"Well," a voice said, "we'll just have to make sure you never get there!" It was Numbah 1, armed with a S.C.A.M.P.P., along with Numbah 4, armed with a S.P.I.C.E.R.

"Two operatives? You're kidding. You're kidding, right?"

Numbah 4 spoke. "Uh, look. We're having a bad day. Two of our members are off on another mission, and one of us is stuck in her room; so maybe you could just, ya know, go easy on us, 'kay?"

The two were immediately shot with electricity, making their skeletons visible. "No," said Bright Idea. He then proceeded to rush off. The two operatives immediately collapsed on the floor. The power to the base also went off, shutting down the lights.


The two operatives, charred and beaten beyond all belief, returned to the base. "That was the worst mission we've ever been on," Numbah 1 said.

"Yer tellin' me?" Numbah 4 said. "I'm gonna go get somethin' ta eat." But when he opened up the fridge, he came across a horrifying sight. "Fruit! Vegetables! Everywhere! Who put those there?!"

Numbah 3 walked in, Cheery Chatterbox Rainbow Monkey in stow, and said "I diiid!" in a singsong voice.

"What?! Why?!"

"We were too full of gross food. That stuff isn't even healthy. This stuff will help us grow better!"

Numbah 3 pulled the string on the Monkey. "An Apple a day keeps the doctor away!"

Numbah 4 growled. "Uh, Numbah 4?" asked Numbah 3. "Are you okay?"

Numbah 4 pinned Numbah 3 to the wall. "Who are you and what have you done to the real Numbah 3?!"

"Uh…I am the real Numbah 3."

"Of course yer not, and I can prove it! What's Numbah 3's favorite toy?"

"Haha, Rainbow Monkeys, silly!"

"AHA! I gotcha there, faker! The real Numbah 3's favorite toys are Rainbow Monkeys!!" Numbah 4 laughed for a while…then his face changed as a startling realization came over him. "…wait, what?"

"Numbah 4, you're starting to scare me. Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm not crazy! But maybe yer crazy!"

Numbah 3 gasped, tears filling her eyes.

"Wait! What I meant was-"

Numbah 3 started crying and ran off to her room.

"Smooth move, Numbah 4," Numbah 1 said.

"Hey! You saw what she was doin'! Watchin' the news, stayin' in her room, eatin' health foods: somethin' is wrong with her!"

"Now, now. There's probably a logical explanation for this."

"Like what?"

"Mind control, of course! Some unseen force must be trying to control her, thus turning her against us. I'm going to go analyze Numbah 3 before this force gets to the rest of us."

"What should I do?"

"I dunno." Numbah 1 then walked off.

Numbah 4 simply sat down. He then got back up. "Bored now. Imma go play a game!" He then ran off to the game room.


Numbah 4 pushed the buttons on the controller. He made his giant robot fire upon other giant robots with full force power. However, as he played, a sudden thought came to mind.

"I HAFTA PEE!" he said, rushing outside the room. As he passed the hallway, he made his way to the stairs. He did not, however, notice the Cheery Chatterbox Rainbow Monkey on one of the higher stairs, so when he rushed down the stairs, he tripped on it and fell all the way down. "OWW!" he screamed, alerting Numbah 3.

"What's wrong, Numbah 4?" she said, forgetting all that had happened before.

When Numbah 4 looked at Numbah 3, it was a look of rage. "Whydja leave yer doll on the stairs?!"

"I don't remember doing that!"

"Whadya mean you didn't put it there? How else would it have gotten there?! But why'd ya hafta put it there?" Then a creeping realization came over him. "Unless… you were tryin' ta kill me!"

"What? Why would I want to do that?"

"That doll, that's why! That thing's fillin' yer head with bad thoughts, makin' you completely different! It's turnin' you into somethin' yer not! That's why we gotta get rid of that thing!"

Numbah 4 charged towards the doll, but Numbah 3 picked it up. "NO!" She screamed. "You helped me get this doll because you wanted to be a good friend! Now you want to get rid of it?! You're a…a…A MEAN-MEANIEPANTS!"

Numbah 4 was shocked. How could she stoop that low?

"I'm going to bed, far away from YOU!" And thus Numbah 3 stormed off to her room.

Numbah 4 looked on. "That doll's gotta go…no matter the cost."


11:00PM. Numbah 4 was in his room. However, he woke up suddenly, sensing something was wrong. Numbah 3 was in her room, having gone to bed at an unusual time. Around 9:00. On Friday! Numbah 4 saw an opportunity and smiled as he prepared to stop that doll.

Numbah 4 entered the armory, where he picked up a…

Kids Next door: F.L.A.S.H. (Fully Lasatronic Attack Sword Hurts)

…a flashlight converted into a laser blade. He walked off to Numbah 3's room, moving slowly. When he got to the door, he put his ear up to it to see if he could hear anything. He did: it was a voice that sounded like…the Cheery Chatterbox Rainbow Monkey?

When Numbah 4 opened the door, his worst fears were confirmed: on the bed, the Cheery Chatterbox Rainbow Monkey was standing on its own, talking to a sleeping Numbah 3. It constantly repeated a subliminal message: "Adults are perfect. Adults are flawless. Adults never make mistakes."

Numbah 4 couldn't believe his eyes. That doll, standing on its own, was delivering untrue messages to his best-in-no-way-more-than-just-a friend. The sheer sight of it caused him to let out a scream.

This, however, alerted the Rainbow Monkey. "Hiiiii," It said. "My name is Cheery Chatterbox Rainbow Monkey, and I don't like you at all." Numbah 4 shivered. "And you know what? Neither does Kuki. Wouldn't it make her so happy if she just suddenly disappeared? I think she'd like that. I think she'd like that a lot. Heehee…heeheehee…HAHAHAHAHA!"

Numbah 4 turned on his F.L.A.S.H. "Over my dead body," he said.

"That's the idea!" The Cheery Chatterbox Rainbow Monkey jumped onto Numbah 4's face, causing him to drop his F.L.A.S.H. It then started to move lower and lower on his face, covering his mouth and nose. Numbah 4 grabbed onto the Monkey and tried to pull it off, but it didn't work. It just had too good of a grip. He then remembered that the best way to stop this sort of thing is to go for the limbs, so he grabbed onto the Monkey's limbs one by one and pulled them off, causing it to fall to the floor. However, it grabbed hold of the F.L.A.S.H., and began to chase Numbah 4 around the treehouse, him screaming all the way.

Numbah 4 went through a hall, hoping to lose the Monkey, but it was waiting for him right at the end. He then tried to go down the stairs nearest to him, but it held onto an inactive light at the bottom and dropped down.

Eventually, he found himself in the computer room, which was pretty much a dead end. Numbah 4 backed up onto the computer as the doll moved closer and closer. However, he soon realized that he was near a fire alarm repurposed into an intruder alarm, so he pulled down the lever. This caused the emergency lights to flare up and sent Numbah 1 and Numbah 3 to the room, weapons in hands.

Numbah 3 was shocked at what she saw: her Cheery Chatterbox Rainbow Monkey was pinning Numbah 4 to a wall. "Cheery Chatterbox Rainbow Monkey!" she screamed. "You're alive?"

"Oh, darn. I was hoping you wouldn't notice," it said.

"What…what are you trying to do to Wally?"

"I thought you didn't like him. I'm just doing you a favor."

"But I really like Wally! He's my teammate! And my friend! And my-"

"But what about all the mean things he said to you? All the times he's tried to make you into a worse person? He's a bad influence, and we can't have that…can we?"

All of a sudden, the Cheery Chatterbox Rainbow Monkey was completely shot down by a barrage of laser fire, and as a result powered down. The boys realized the blasts came from Numbah 3's weapon. "Do NOT hurt my friends. Especially not Wally."

"Wow," Numbah 1 said, "you're girlfriend's really scary."

Numbah 4 took offense. "She is NOT…my…girlfriend! She's a girl and she's my friend, but she's not my GIRLFRIEND!"

"I'm certain." Something caught Numbah 1's eye. He picked up what was left of the doll and saw something on its foot. "I think I may know who had a hand in this."


The next day, at Toys Be We, the salesman who sold the Cheery Chatterbox Rainbow Monkey was continuing to sell the same doll in droves. Numbah 1, Numbah 3, and Numbah 4 were nearby.

"I say we punch that jerk's lights out," Numbah 4 said.

"In front of everyone?" Numbah 3 said.

"Since when have we been good with the system? The system of adults?"

"Don't worry," Numbah 1 said, "I have a plan." He then walked up to the salesman. "Ah, good day, Mister Adult Sales Person, sir! My friend bought one of your Cherry Chatterbox Rainbow Monkey thingies the other day, and she's been a whole new person; maybe even better!"

The salesman was stumped. "She is? I mean…of course she is! That's the power of the Cheery Chatterbox Rainbow Monkey!"

"Yes, indeed! I'd like to thank you for really helping out her family. Put 'er there!" Numbah 1 held out his hand. The salesperson quickly shook it. "I'll be sure to tell everyone about you!"

When he got back to the rest of his team, Numbah 4 asked him "Now what?"

"Now," Numbah 1 said, "we wait…and follow." On the salesperson's hand was now a tracer that Numbah 1 had planted. Things would fall into place.


At a secret base, the salesperson laughed maniacally. "I knew making that doll was the best decision of my life! Money down the handle, children becoming less annoying, and now everyone's gonna know about it, so I'm gonna earn more money! And the only thing it cost me was my beautiful moustache, but that's a small price to pay!"

"Maybe you should've thought about prices before you went into the bootlegging industry, CHESTER!" It was Numbah 1, with Numbah 3 and Numbah 4 with him, weapons in hand.

"The Kids Next Door?! Is there anything you won't ruin?!"

Numbah 1 gestured at him and said, "You had to be a bigshot, didn't you? You knew that since no one would pay attention to the designs of a criminal, you simply manufactured that Rainbow Monkey yourself. You couldn't find any store that would accept your design since it was unlicensed, so you sold it the old fashion way: like a used car salesman. An ugly, stupid, used car salesman. Of course, when the Rainbow Monkey Corporation comes in, they're gonna sue you into oblivion, and thus you'd lose all your money and get thrown back in the slammer." Chester growled. "I wonder what would happen if a concerned customer gave them a heads-up."

"That's not gonna happen, Brats Next Door! Rainbow Monkey Army…ATTACK!!" A full troop of unlicensed Rainbow Monkeys charged at the operatives, but since they were so cheaply made a single laser blast was all it took to dismantle them. Numbah 1 neared a console and found a phone. "No!," cowered Chester, "D-don't do that! I'll lose everything!"

Numbah 1 picked up the handset, dialed a number, and put his head to the handle. "Hello, Rainbow Monkey Corporation? Do you know there's an unlicensed vendor of Rainbow Monkeys? Oh, yeah. And they added electronics, too. I trust you can do something about it. Bye!"

"NO!" Chester screamed. "If I can't win, you can't either!" He then pushed a button on the console, thus causing all the Rainbow Monkey dolls to self-destruct. "THERE! HAHAHA! Now they can't sue me! You don't have any evidence!"

"Oh, then we'll just put you in the Arctic Prison," Numbah 1 said.

"That's right! …wait, what?"


The team found themselves back at Toys Be We. "Sure was nice of them ta give us back our money for the Rainbow Monkey," Numbah 4 said. "Now I know not to pick up that Ultimate Prime Superion figure. Too many sounds could brainwash me!"

"Actually, Numbah 4, that thing is an official license, so the worst they're gonna do is brainwash you to buy more toys, which you already do anyway," Numbah 1 said.

"Wait, so you mean that I can buy that thing without a problem? Awesome!" And thus Numbah 4 charged off to the isle. However, when he looked at where it was before, the figure was long gone. "What?! Where'd it go?"

A teenager in a Destructicon shirt spoke up. "He sold out, dude. He's a very popular figure. You can get him on eBid, though."

"Really? How much is it?"

"'bout a hundred bucks."

"O-O-ONE HUNDRED?! I can't pay that!!"

"Maybe you should try the Pony Puff figures instead. That show's really good."

"…aww, never mind!"

End Transmission
I promised a couple of stories on Halloween, and this is one of them. It's kinda based off an old Twilight Zone episode, but then again I'm sure plenty of people had done doll stories before. Also, be sure to note the shipping elements in this story. It's not overt, but then again in the actual series it never really was.

Mostly for this one I was disappointed in the fact that Kids Next Door never did any 'evil doll' type stories. That kind of format would just seem perfect. Finding the villain who'd pull that sort of thing off was obvious. Besides, Chester's a monster anyway. Writing Wally was hard in this one, as it's the first time I really put my mind to his accent. I decided to give him his earlier personality so that he would be able to be a competent main character.

The Cheery Chatterbox Rainbow Monkey is voiced by Andrea Libman doing her Fluttershy voice. Prime Superion is voiced by Gary Chalk, Carnage is voiced by David Kaye. The Bores News anchor is voiced by Ben Stein. The teen at the end is voiced by Chris Sabat doing his Yamcha voice.

Anyway, feedback and fanart would be nice. And be sure to check out Operation HILL to see what happened to Hoagie and Abby!

EDIT: Pffft...hehehehe...okay. I'm a little late to the party, but it seems Chester wasn't the only one who thought of making bootleg Rainbow Monkey merchandise. Here's the [link] for more details. Note that I first learned of this just tonight. All I have to say
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Twotail-saruka Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
"My name is Cheery Chatterbox Rainbow Monkey, and I don't like you at all." A reference to Talking Tina from The Twilight Zone? ;w;
Darkton93 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
catspats31 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012
I must admit that you put Chester to good use, especially since not many people use that character as the main villain in a fanfic. And did you know that prettywitchiusaka considered you as one of the top five best KND writers of 2011?
Darkton93 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Chester was simply the logical choice. It answers the question of where the doll came from. Naturally, he's done some pretty horrible things before, so why not add a mind-control doll to the list. I wasn't aware of how rare he was, too. I guess people are too amazed by Father.

Me? One of the top five? Where?! I gotta see this! Where did I place?
catspats31 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012
I'm not sure if she gave out a ranking out of five, but here is the link: [link]
Please subscribe to that website if you are a true KND fan.
Darkton93 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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