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Kids Next Door mission
Operation: T.R.A.I.T.O.R.


Writing Operatives: Lt. Darkton
Original Mission Director: Mr. Warburton

Operatives lined themselves into position, guarding every possible entrance. They locked their weapons and prepared to take aim. A squadron of infantry grouped around the door.

"Keep on the lookout. At any moment, they could show up." Yes, there was in invasion force just around the corner. They didn't know the specific enemy, but they'd all decided it was the Ice Cream Men that Father hired.

Operatives lined up their weapons at the door, ready to fire. They waited for seconds on end, ready for anyone to just burst through that door and open fire. However, as time passed nothing seemed to happen.

"They're not coming," one of the soldiers said.

"Just wait for it," their girl of a commanding officer replied.

A few seconds later, still nothing.

"Or…maybe they're not."

"I'm hungry, you wanna snack?" one of the soldiers said.

"Sure!" a girl replied. Thus the operatives agreed to leave their position.

KABLAM! Just as the kids were walking off, the door exploded behind them. Lasers began to shoot out, hitting one of the six operatives. The others immediately turned around to reach their attackers: A squadron of Teen Ninjas, lead by Cree herself!

A firefight began shortly afterwards, each side shooting blasts at each other. One of the teens fired lasers from his two arm cannons, the first shot missing but the second connecting another of the six. One of the kids tossed a water balloon at one of the teens. It connected, but didn't do much. The resulting counterattack, however, was a little more effective. One shot and she was down. A kid fired three shots at a teen and she fell down, but that simply meant her partner didn't have to risk shooting her accidentally and was given a clearer aim. This continued until only the commanding officer was left.

"What'cha gonna do now, kid?" taunted Cree.

"Well, at this point, there's only one thing to do…" said the girl…before turning around. "RUN!"

One of the teens, her name being Jacqueline, simply put her arm out and shot a net at her, capturing her. "Having you around should make a nice little bonus…"

They continued the process around the base, clearing it out. At the control room, only two highly trained operatives were around to witness what was happening. "You…" one said, "you took out our team!"

"We're teenagers. We do that," One of the teens replied.

"Why you…we'll…we'll take you out!"

"'We'? You and what army?"

"What's that supposed to mean; there's two of us, so doesn't that make an army?"

"Man, I knew you babies were dumb, but I didn't know you couldn't count."

"What do you mean?"

"There ain't any of you standing."

And with a whack, and a slam, both operatives were taken out. With nothing to stand in their way, the teens tore down the KND flag, and replaced it with their own banner. "As of right now, this base is Teen Ninja property!" Cree said. "Hope you kids enjoy bein' our loyal slaves! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" The battle was over. They had won.


After the success of our mission, the group returned to the designated point for debriefing. At a desk stood Vladimir Potovski, a Russian who worked as the director of Father's army. He was dressed as a Russian general should be dressed, complete with the black hat with a gold star on it.

"The dirty deed has been done," Cree said to Vladimir.

"Ah, excellent work," Vladimir responded in kind. "Good to see we can always rely on you for a job well done. We were kind of worried considering your brief losing streak, but you've certainly proved us wrong. Now that this base is captured, we can convert it into something proper, and use it as an outpost for our own. We are one step closer to our goal of-"

"Shut the heck up and give us our pay!" a particularly obnoxious teen by the name of Nathan blurted.

"Ah yes…the pay. I don't think I'll ever understand you." Vladimir pulled out a large briefcase, and opened it up, revealing a large sum of money. "As is standard, $20 to each of you for a job well done."

"Come on, you gonna tell him?" one of the teen boys said to one of the girls.

"No way, you tell him!" she responded in kind.

"You do it!"

"You do it!"



"Please, please! What is going on? Tell me what?" Vladimir asked.

"We captured a hostage just recently. A squadron leader," the girl ultimately responded. "We think she may have some info for us."

"Ah. That's good to know. Well, you know the deal, $5 bonus for the hostage. Now just who was the one who captured her?"

Each teenager rose up immediately, calling themselves the one. Anything for five dollars extra. This made Vladimir put his palm to his head. "Well, there's only one way to decide this…" he said to himself. Then pointed his hand at each teen in order. "Eeny, Meeny, Miney, you get the bonus," he said, putting his finger at one of the girls. Ironically, it was Jacqueline, just the one who did the capturing. She cheered in joy, while the others groaned. "Now now, maybe if you had just been honest and told me earlier this wouldn't have happened. Now go back to your base and…well, do whatever it is that teenagers do."

"Gotcha. See ya later, alligator," one of them said, before flying off in their augmented bicycles.

"I swear, I will never understand why Father makes me work with them," Vladimir said, while no one was looking. He had a few choice words for them, but was at least polite enough not to say them. Just because you're evil doesn't mean you can't be nice.


At a ginormous mall complex, serving as the base of operations for this particular teenager unit, the teens engaged in several teen activities: soccer playing, guitar heroics, fighting one another for no reason other than it was fun, the usual effort.
When Cree entered the base's control room, he was greeted by none other than Maurice.

"Hey, Cree!" he said. "So, how'd it go?"

"Totally awesome!" Cree said back. "We took over the base, some guys are gonna come on over to convert it, we got a hostage, it was just great! You totally should've been there, Maurice. The look of pure terror on their faces was just to die for!"

"Yeah, I'm not really that much of a fighter, myself, but I got a bit of a plan."

"Oh really?"

"I noticed you still have control of some of the communication lines between the kids and us. If we send a message to the nearest army, we could send them over here to their doom while our automated weapons take them out."

"And then we take over yet another base while they're away using a backup squadron! Maurice, you are such a genius!" Cree smooched Maurice. "All that's left to do is to make the call."

"You got it. Leave it to me." Maurice punched some buttons on the console. Cree got in front to deliver the message proper.

"Hmm…what is it…" Numbah 63.5 said before realizing just who was contacting.

"Wait a minute…you're…"

"The one who totally has you beaten, stupid little kid!" Cree said. "I happen to have a hostage located in the Clearleaf Mall. If you want her back, you'll have to send a Sector in and get her!"

"Why you…that's a challenge we'll have to take! We're coming on over! Be ready!"

"Oh, we are…heheheh…We are."


A few minutes have passed, and several teenagers were looking at the radar.

"Boss!" One of them said. "Like, a lot of bogeys on the radar. Looks like they're here!"

"Good," Cree said over the radio. "Now we give them a colossal spanking. Transform the mall into attack mode and destroy all of them!!"

"Heheheh. Totally!" He pushed some buttons on the console and some other members pulled some levers. The power lines on the city began to glow, lights began to blink on, and…

…and then the lights promptly shut off. "What the crud?" Cree said. "Why'd the system power down?"

"How am I supposed to know?" one of the soldiers said. "I can't access the data panels, you know! Not during a power outage!"

"Oh great," another teen said. "That means that at any point those brats could…"

KATHOOM!  An explosion from a M.A.R.B.L.E. blasted open an entrance for an entire squad of Kids Next Door operatives. "Kids Next Door, Battlestations!!" the commanding officer said, troops heading every which way. Each soldier was wearing KNDefense armor, and carried along with them Gattling Gums, missile launchers, and other heavy weaponry. They were pretty much determined to get their lost partner back.

"Don't let them get the hostage!" Cree said. "Push 'em back!" Cree put up her face-mask and went into combat with another operative. She went for a sweep maneuver, but the operative jumped and hit her with a hammerfist, knocking her to the ground. An operative dual wielding S.C.A.M.P.P.s fired at one of the teens. He blocked the shots, but wasn't prepared for the M.A.R.B.L.E. which exploded at his feet, sending him falling through the floor. Cree got back up and threw a punch barrage at the kid, only to be blocked at every opportunity. When the last punch connected, the kid caught it and threw her to the ground.
An operative made it all the way to the holding cells, where Nathan guarded their prisoner.

"If you want your bratty friend so bad, you'll have to deal with me!" he said, proceeding to charge at the operative. He simply tripped Nathan to the ground and walked on over to the hostage, no longer in a cell because the door was unlocked.

"Are you alright?" the operative asked.

"Yeah, I think so," the hostage said back.

"Let's get you outta here." So he gave her a spare S.C.A.M.P.P.  and charged her out of the area. A teenager guarded the way, so he used his missile launcher to bring him down. He threw a M.A.R.B.L.E. at the wall to create an opening and rushed out of it. He then proceeded to turn on his communicator. "I have her! Let's ditch this joint!"

Cree was still in the middle of fighting the other kid. She delivered a hook, the kid dodged it and delivered an uppercut. Cree blocked it, but was shot straight in the eyes by a blast. "Hey! No fair!" She said.

"I dunno, you guys aren't known for being so nice yourselves!" the kid said, running off.

The teenager the hostage carrier knocked down tried to get up, but he was stomped on by a whole unit of Kids Next Door operatives. They got into their vehicle and made it out of the area.

Cree rushed in with another soldier. "Darn it all to heck, they're gone! And they took off with the hostage, too!" she said.

"That was one sloppy effort," the soldier accompanying her said. "What does that mean for us?"

"It means we have to evacuate the base. It isn't safe here anymore."

"Hey, Cree!" It was Maurice on a communicator. "Get on over to the power room! I think you'll find this interesting."


"This is the power conduit for the main station," Maurice said. "If I'm not mistaken, this thing can take out the entire station's power supply if knocked out, right?"

"Right," Cree said.

"Now look at this device on here." Maurice pointed to the small blinking red light on the wires. "This is a power kill device. It can dispel any signal sent to it and send a counter-signal which can disable the entire power supply of the base."

"So what's so special about that?"

"I think this thing was placed on here long before we even considered working on the whole operation. My guess is that this was an inside job. The fact that we have devices just like this gives me another reason to think so."

"Say no more. I think I got it." Cree turned on her communicator. "Get me everyone who had been in the power control room before the raid. Someone's responsible."

"Right on, dudette," one of the teens on the communicator said.

"Also, we need a technical expert to remove this device. It seems to be stuck on pretty well."

Within a matter of moments, a group of five teens appeared in the room, including Jacqueline and Nathan.

"I've got you all in here for a very good reason," Cree said. "Do any of you happen to by chance know what that is?" She pointed at the power kill device.

A teen by the name of Johnny began to talk at a motor-mouth pace. "Ohthat'sjustapowerkilldevicethatjustsohappenstobeplacedonthepowerlines, youknowthekindofthingthatcanturnoffthepowerinastationandleaveitdefenseless, oh dear gosh, I guess I can't shut up when I'm scared."

"Interesting, Johnny. You seem to know a lot about this sort of thing. I wonder why…"

"Hey, this thing is kind of my department. Why would you think I did it?"

"Because you can't shut up when you're scared. Now let's hear some information." Cree pointed her arm blaster at Johnny.

"Ineversawanyonegettothething. Ijustknowalotaboutthedeviceandletmetellyoutherearealotofpeoplewhousethedeviceand whilewemayhavesomekindofdevicelikeitwedon'thavethesamemodelthattheyused!"



"Hm. Okay. You're clean." Cree lowered her arm blaster. "So, one of us is a traitor, and it's not Johnny. Wendy, what do you know about the situation?"

"Well, I did see someone entering the room the other day, mumbling to himself some anti-Father tirades," Wendy said. "If there's anyone who's likely to be a traitor, that's it."

"Okay then, who was it? Unless it was you?"

"LIKE HECK IT WAS!! It was him!" Wendy pointed at a teen named Danny.

"Wait, you don't mean that-"

Cree immediately got in front of Danny and armed her weapons. "Start talking!"

"Okay, okay! I'll tell you what I hate about Father. You know what I hate? The pay! It's only 20 cruddy dollars, and bonuses only go up to 5! We're Father's top soldiers, better than the Ice Cream Men even! We should be getting 50 dollars for our efforts! I'd do anything for a higher pay! Anything!"

"Even turn on us?"

"Except that. I was thinking more along the lines of singlehandedly blowing up that Moonbase thingy."

"Well, we at least know you're not a traitor. Just hopeless."

The other teens laughed. Danny mumbled.

"Okay. That clears out three of you guys. Jacqueline, why weren't you guarding the prisoner?"

"Well, I thought that-" Jacqueline attempted to say.

"You could simply get away with making money and then totally free the hostage by leaving it up to me?!" Nathan interrupted.

"No way! I thought you could handle it! Besides, didn't you agree to stay behind once that brat pack got in while the rest of us fought for our lives? I'd say if anything, you were phoning it in!"

"Hey, what're you talking about? You know I'm one of the greatest fighters on the force!"

"Yeah, and look at where those fighting skills are most visible: During our fights for fun! You seem to really enjoy wailing on our own men! Then again, it is fun to just cause a little pain even if it's to one of our own men, but still! We've never seen you work well in battle! All you've ever been good at is showing us up! I'd say the most likely candidate for being a traitor is you!"

"Well, how do you know that the traitor was necessarily in the room?"

"What're you trying to pull?" Cree asked.

"We can't just think about any candidates as only being the ones who were in the room. When you think about it anyone could be a traitor. I'd heard reports about the Brats Next Door using spies to infiltrate our facilities and take us down on the inside. And get this…they haven't been decommissioned. They retain all their memories."

"Okay, if there's an explanation here, I want to hear it."

"It's entirely possible one of our best members is really a spy! Someone like you!!"

"But…but I hate the Kids Next Door! They tried to decommission me in spite of all I've done for them! Why would I ever go back to them?!"

"So, you hate them, huh? Is that why I heard you making comments in private that perhaps the Kids Next Door weren't that bad? And what about your sister, Numbah 5? You seem to care for her quite a bit. Don't you know that being a soldier means you always have to be ready to make anyone your target, even your own family?"

"Hey! That's different! I only want her to turn 13 as quickly as possible! That way she'll be on the same side as me again and we can team up like we used to!!"

"You're hesitating." Nathan pulled up his arm cannon to Cree. "Maybe we shouldn't take any chances, and instead eliminate anyone who's potentially unreliable!"

Then, without warning, the lights turned on, power restored. "Hold that thought. Power's back on. Let's check out the security cameras and see who the real traitor is."


The five and Cree were gathered towards the video feed of the security camera. They saw a strange figure in Battle Ready Armor making his way to the power room. The traitor opened the control panel and placed the power kill device on the wires. The traitor then turned to the security camera to shoot it out, killing the video feed. However, this brief time the traitor turned to the camera was just enough time to allow for an identity revelation. It was…

"Nathan?" Cree said. She then turned her weaponry on Nathan. "You'd better have a good explanation for doing this, you dirty, rotten traitor!"

Nathan simply smiled, chuckled, and powered down his Battle Ready Armor. He then removed it off him entirely. Once it was off, a new set of armor manifested from his football uniform, with flared pauldrons, an armored chest, and two large cannons on the arms. A helmet manifested from his head section as well, but it did not quite close up.

"What?!" Cree said in shock. "Where did you get that? How come we don't have access to that kind of technology?"

Nathan chuckled. "Hmmhmmhmm…because this technology isn't designed for use with Loyalists!"

"What the…that means you were a…a…"

"Separatist. That's right. But then again, you can't really blame me. I only want to be on the right side!"

"But why? After all the perks we gave you, why betray us?"

"Simple. It's not good enough. Let's suppose Father and the Adult Empire wins, by some miracle stroke of genius he destroys the Kids Next Door and totally enslaves all of kid-dom. What does that leave for us? We're still playing second fiddle to old Fire-Face. Even if we remain loyal to the very end, how do we know that he won't just turn his men loose on us and enslave us as well, completely invalidating any use for us? The only solution is to overthrow him, and take over the world for ourselves. We've got the advantage of youth on our side, and we've got the power of the adults with us. It only makes sense that we become the higher power."

"Every fiber of my being wants to puke when I say this, but…" Cree sighed, "you're not gonna get away with this, you dirty no-gooder."

"Heheheh…look at that! The playing field has changed! All of the sudden, it's the notorious bad guy playing the hero here, all because there's someone even worse!" Nathan smiled. "Then again, what I guess I'm the better party since I'm not so much of a momma's boy."

"Nobody insults MY mother!!" Cree said, punching Nathan. That punch, however was caught in Nathan's hand.

"Hahahahaha…" Nathan reared a punch. "My turn."

With one punch, Cree was blown straight through the wall, causing it to leave a body-shaped hole as Cree got sent to the hallway.

Nathan walked through the wall himself. "This suit was designed to be the perfect counterpart to the Battle Ready Armor. It triples my strength, and comes with exceptional weaponry!" Nathan fired at Cree, so she jumped past the shot. When the shot hit the nearest wall, it left a hole. "So, Loyalist scum, let's see if you draw a quarter with my power!" Nathan formed a helmet around his head that looked like a militarized version of a football helmet. Booster jets on Nathan's shoulders activated and sent him flying towards Cree. Cree pulled up her face mask and jumped out of the way. She was unable to dodge the second hit, however, and got sent flying towards the floor. Cree got up and fired repeatedly at Nathan, but he blocked each and every shot. Cree charged at Nathan and threw a punch as hard as she could. However, the only thing she succeeded in doing was bruising her hand. Nathan had a point blank shot at Cree, and fired at her, sending her colliding towards the wall.

Nathan prepared another shot. "Not so tough, are you?" he said. "It's no wonder the Kids Next Door didn't want you. Even as a teenager you're still such a loser!"

"Would…you…stop…bringing that up?" Cree said weakly.

"Ooh! Hurts, now, doesn't it? Too bad you're working on the wrong side. Hey…I got an idea! Why don't I just beat you, take you on over to the KND, and have them decommission you? That way, you won't be a threat to anyone!"

"Nobody's…gonna do that…to me…"

"Except me. Goodbye, Cree…" Nathan charged up a shot, took aim, and…

…was promptly shot in the back. Nathan turned around, and saw the four other teenagers standing in front of him. "Nathan, Nathan, Nathan…" Jacqueline said, "…when are you ever gonna learn? Turn on the wolf pack, you get eaten."

"You? Beat me?" Nathan said. "In that outdated armor? Yeah, I think I'm gonna have to call nonsense on that one, kaythanks."

"Yeah…he's kinda…good at fighting us…Didn't you say so?" Johnny said.

"Can it, Johnny," Jacqueline said. "We've got him. Besides, he's forgetting something very important."

"Oh yeah? What's that?" Nathan said, before he was promptly fired on repeatedly by Cree.

"Never lose track of your opponents, worthless traitor," Cree said, smiling.

Nathan got up. "Why I oughtta…I'll trash you!" He was about to deliver another punch to Cree, but Wendy grabbed his hand and tossed him to the ground. When he got up, all five teens dogpiled him. Nathan punched out Johnny and Danny, but got hit by Wendy and Cree. Jacqueline tripped Nathan, but Nathan got back on his feet and sweeped her. Nathan then turned his sights on Johnny, who had just recently gotten up.

In defiance, Johnny fired several shots at Nathan, but Nathan blocked every last one of them. Then, all of a sudden, Johnny could fire no more. "What? Out of power?" he said. Nathan walked on up to Johnny and took aim at him. "Don'tshootdon'tshoot! I'mjustdistractingyousoshecanhityouwhileyou'renotlooking!"

Nathan turned around to notice Wendy jumping at him, so he fired a shot at her, sending her colliding into the ceiling. When she came back down, she said "Holy crud, Johnny, you can not-"

"ShutupwhenI'mscared. Iknow. WhenIwasaboyIhadacrushonmyteacher."

"You can have him. Seriously, he won't be missed."

"Look, all of you, it doesn't matter how hard you try," Nathan said. "We Separatists are gonna be the ones to win, all because we have superior technology."

"Maybe," a voice like Maurice's said, "but you certainly aren't the smartest!" The power kill device was thrown at Nathan's armor, causing it to lock up and deactivate. It was Maurice who had tossed it at him. "I was waiting for just the right chance. He didn't leave that many openings."

"Heheh, good job Maurice," Cree said. "You sure you're not really that much of a fighter?"

"Nah, anyone could've done that." Maurice walked on over to Nathan. "Shall I send him off to the holding cells?"

"No, it's unreliable. The security of this base has been compromised. We're gonna have to self-destruct it and move to another fort. Which, I guess, means we'll be moving in with another unit."

"Fair enough. I'll contact a prison ship. It should arrive in a few minutes, plenty of time to pack our bags. You guys be careful." Maurice placed some handcuffs on Nathan and walked off.

"Cree," Wendy said, "about what Nathan was saying. How can we trust Father?"

"Because he's on our side," Cree said. "He's given us a home, believe it or not. Those brats will only accept us for as long as we're useful to them. Father isn't like that. He…just has a higher purpose for us. He wouldn't dare try and take our memories or anything like that. I hate to say it, but we're on a higher moral ground than the Kids Next Door. Kinda funny when you think about it."

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Hey, we're gonna beat those brats. And when we do, we get to rule the world with Father! How cool is that?"

"Just think…a world without those guys reading our diaries, stealing our CDs and all that stuff. Everyone falls into line, and we get a section of the world for ourselves to run wild and untamed. Oh yes…I'd kill for that."

Cree shot her a strange look.

"Well, not really kill, but certainly cause a great deal of damage…"

The two took this moment to share an evil laugh with each other. Everything was going to go according to plan…

Meanwhile, Maurice was engaging in a secret conversation with Nathan, handing over money.
"Here you go, Nathan," Maurice said. "Just like I promised: double what Vladimir was paying. This had better be worth the effort, 'cause I can basically say goodbye to that new bike I was planning to get."

"Hey, no sweat," Nathan said.

"Hey, you weren't serious about that whole 'taking over the world' thing, were you?"

"Oh, me? Nah. Too much effort. I'd prefer to focus on more important manners, like overthrowing a dictator who outstayed his welcome."

"Yeah, seems like the thing to do. So, I'll get some of my men, and we'll bust you outta there in no time."

"Great. You Kids Next Door spies are simply awesome."

"Well," Maurice smiled, "It's all in a days work."

End Transmission
This isn't the first Kids Next Door fanfic I've ever done, but it is the first continuity-wise. This is part of my own personal Season 5.5 in which I tell my own stories about the Kids Next Door. Or, in this case, their enemies, specifically the Teen Ninjas.

I wanted to to a fic that focused on the bad guys, seeing as those are always fun. I especially wanted to get into the Teen Ninjas and develop them a little bit. Ironically, I hate those guys as much as I hate real teenagers, if not more. I don't recall being this immoral as a teenager. In fact, I loved children then, and still do now.

The transitions for this story are marked by a line. The logo used for the transitions is not the traditional KND logo, but the Teen Ninja logo from FusionFall, accompanied by an evil laugh. Nathan is voiced by Benjamin Disken, doing his voice for Eddie Brock on Spectacular Spider-Man. Vladimir Potovski is voiced by Earl Boen, which I feel is necessary considering he is a caricature of Sergei Gurlukovich. For anyone who doesn't appear in the canon, you can decide who voices them.

With that said, comment on what you liked, and what didn't work out so well, and I'll take it into consideration for my next fic. Oh, and provide fanart, too! I need an artist.


EDIT: Modified the formatting a little bit. This should make it easier to read.
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matteso585 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2016
Now here's a reference to the original Teen Titans.

(As soon as Hoagie appears, the opening sequence gets interrupted by static. Then Cree's unit appears on screen)

Cree: Step aside brats. We're taking over.

And from the description on, I'm liking this Teen Civil War arc already.
Thundertail Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
Johnny just became one of my favorite characters now. LOL
Darkton93 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"OhmygoshIneverhadanyonesaythistomebeforewhatifthisguy'snottellingthetruthwhatifhe'sjustgoingtobetraymejustlikethatNathanguydid, man I'm bad at this."

Johnny was really fun to write. Maybe I'll include him more often.
Thundertail Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2011
LOL Totaly.
DyskoDelThunderback Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011
Wow, this was really true to the series. It felt like a script of a new episode... I'm doing a KND story myself, Operation: ELIXIR, althought I haven't worked on it in centuries... :P Great job!
Darkton93 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks. I always wanted to really get into the mindset of the Teen Ninjas and find out just what makes them do what they do. Maliciousness for the heck of it? Not very well developed, and a little bit contrary to real life. Getting paid for their misdeeds? That makes more sense seeing as how most teenagers I know are always looking for money. Not to mention adding a separatist faction made for an interesting twist, especially since most teenagers hate adults themselves.

Anyway, glad you liked it!
DyskoDelThunderback Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2011
True. All very good points. Keep writing :)
Darkton93 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Actually, I've been looking for an editor. Would you be willing to oblige?
DyskoDelThunderback Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2011
Certainly. Would you be willing to do the same for me?
Darkton93 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gladly! Note me with your e-mail, and I'll send you a sample work for you to get started.
DyskoDelThunderback Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2011
Sounds good
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